Telstra latests Android: Motorola Xoom tablet and Atrix Smartphone

The Motorola Atrix smartphone and Xoom tablet are coming to Australia.

The Motorola Atrix is an Android smartphone running 2.2 Froyo. It’s most innovative feature comes from its optional docking station that instantly turns the smartphone into a laptop. The docking station features an 11-inch screen and keyboard and is available for $449. Attached to the docking station, the Motorola Atrix can run Firefox and other apps just like a normal laptop would while accessing data or features from the phone.

The Atrix will launch June 7 on Telstra and will be available on 2 year terms agreement with monthly plan starting at $59 per month; otherwise you can purchase it without a contract at the retail price of $840.

Honeycomb Motorola Xoom Tablet

The Motorola Xoom will launch on May 24 on Telstra and on Optus.
This Android tablet running the famous Honeycomb version 3.0 is a serious contender to Apple’s Ipad 2. Despite poor sales, this 10.1-inch dual-core tablet is still a very good electronic marvel. With front and rear cameras, 32GB of data storage, the Xoom can output 1080p via its HDMI output to your home screen TV.
The main obstacle Motorola is facing is the high price tag this tablet has. With a price tag similar to Apple’s Ipad 2, it is hard for an underdog to attract market share from a product as popular and hyped as Apple’s Ipad.
Nevertheless, the Xoom will be available for a lesser price with selected data plans from your preferred wireless carrier.

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