CyanogenMod 7 available now

One of the most frustrating feeling I have is the feeling of being fooled; well sometimes I find that Android users have this feeling. When your cherished device can’t get the latest Android update, and when in some cases your manufacturers device doesnt support it anymore, that’s just awful.


Well, thanks to CyanogenMod, this is over. The CyanogeMod team just released version 7 of their popular Android OS ROM. This new release is available on more than 30 devices and now includes two tablets, the Barnes and Noble Nook Color and the G-Tablet.

CyanogenMod 7 is based on Android 2.3 – Gingerbread and is now available directly from the CyanogenMod website. This means that users will have the latest Android OS plus additional tweaks from the CyanogenMod community. No more waiting after carriers or manufacturers to update their version of the OS.
The only drawback is that your device need to be rooted or in Apple’s term jailbroken; you’ll then have a stock Android device. Warranty could be void and bricking your device is a possibility, not very likely but still possible. But the reward usually exceeds the riks.

This update of CyanogenMod 7 includes keyboard updates, copy and paste problems and battery management. Other minor improvements include an update to the camera app allowing easy front-back switch, Incognito mode to the Android browser and built-in CPU clocking (over or under). Wallpapers and themes customization, built-in tethering apps and FM Radio app are among some of the new features available with this new version.

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