Android browser 52% faster than Iphone Safari

The question most people have nowadays since the introduction of Google’s Android is should I get the latest Iphone or should I try an Android? Well, there’s no real right or wrong answer, but Blaze Software tried to answer part of the question with its browser test.

Blaze conducted the browse test using Apple’s latest device, the Iphone 4 and Google’s flagship device, Samsung Nexus S. Both models have the latest operating software versions, iOS 4.3 for the Iphone and Android 2.3 for the Nexus S.
The test was conducted using the websites of companies listed in the Fortune 100. A total of 45,000 page loads were performed on both devices to see which one loads webpages faster.

The results were rather surprising. Android browser was on average 52 % faster than Apple’s Safari iPhone browser. Android was faster on 84% of the sites tested and it was also faster on non-mobile optimized websites by a small proportion of 3%. These tests also showed that the latest version of the Iphone iOS or the Google Android did not make much of a difference in these speed tests.

An important point to note is that these tests were performed using custom apps and not the official browser states Apple. This means Blaze software used WebView based on Chrome for Android, and UIWebView based on Safari for iPhone. These custom browser didn’t receive any of the web performance updates that Safari did in iOS 4.3 therefore these tests are flawed according to Apple.

But according to Blaze Software, a manual verification of these embedded browsers and the stand-alone browsers load time is the same. You can even try it at Blaze mobile test

For the common Android and Iphone user, the difference between the two load time is estimated to be around 1 second. Now you be the judge if this is really serious matters.

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