Verizon’s Iphone, how will it impact Android?

Iphone has always been distributed in exclusivity by AT&T since its introduction in 2007. Verizon on the other hand, has been an important partner for Google in its Android market quest with millions spent in commercials for different Android devices. Basically Verizon is the carrier with the most activated Android devices. On the other hand, AT&T is the carrier with the lowest number of activated Android devices.

This can likely be explained by the Iphone’s exclusivity for AT&T, and the introduction in early February of the Iphone on Verizon is surely going to stir things up. Most analyst think that many Verizon user’s picked an Android device other an Iphone simply because their Verizon carrier did not have an Iphone as a choice. Now that the Iphone will become available, many thinks that Androids shares on Verizon will suffer as a lot of users will pick an Iphone over an Android. The Iphone market share will likely not double but rather become more diversified since it’ll be available on two major carrier AT&T and Verizon.
Finally, the Android share may diminish in the beginning with the introduction of the Iphone on Verizon, but with the many new Android devices coming in the next few months, we’ll just have to see how the market is really going to react.

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