HTC Evo 4G – Best Android device so far

Sprint just launched the HTC Evo 4G, on its network. That’s right, this Android device is ready for Sprint’s 4G high speed data network, where available. Even thought its not available nationwide, the HTC Evo with its 4 inch screen is an amazing piece of art. Apple has a lot of work to do with its next Iphone next week, as this Android is one of the best available smartphone on the market so far.

The Evo 4G includes a still camera, which shoots high-resolution 720p video, an HDMI port to connect on a big-screen TV, an additional front camera to use video-conferencing services and a metal kickstand in the back to put the phone in horizontal mode (that can be used to watch videos or just a fancy display).
Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is also available, and the device should be Skype ready very shortly.

One negative point is the Evo’s battery life, which isn’t great, especially running on 4G. To save you from running out of battery, we recommend you disable all applications that you do not use such as 4G as it isnt available everywhere anyways, and 3G should work just fine for now.

More information about Sprint’s plan for Evo.

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