Ready for a “Froyo”? Android’s next version


Thats right, Google’s Android next version is going to be named “Froyo”, a short hand for Frozen Yogurt. This has been confirmed by Erick Tseng Senior product manager at Google while being interviewed on the Engadget show. Froyo follows Android’s OS naming convention, after Cupcakes (version 1.5), Donuts (version 1.6) and Eclairs (version 2.0 ~2.1). So for those betting on Flan as the next OS name can think back again as to what the next version’s name is going to be, all we can guess its that it will start with “G” and be related to some type of dessert/ pastry. As for Froyo, we have yet to assign an OS version to it as version 2.1 is supposed to be part of Eclair. More to come in the near future.

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