Google pulling out of China may affect Android market

Google China

Last cyber attack on Google’s Chinese portal left a sour taste on the Mountain View Giant. So sour that its planning to pull the plug.

Does that mean the end for unborn Android Market in China? Not necessarily, as if Google really pulls the plug, it seems like they plan to leave their Android team in China. Approximately 100 Android engineers will remain, and additional engineers may be transferred as the project requires.”
claims Sergey Brin Google’s co-founder.

Chinese mobile carriers, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have already invested tremendous amounts in Google’s Android OS. For instance China Mobile have developed Ophone software based on Android and launched its first Ophone on November 2009, and is planning on a few more for 2010.

This Google feud with China is surely going to affect Android sales in China, but China being such a big market, its hard to see Google really packing, a story to follow.

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